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Federal eFiling Instructions
Federal eFiling Instructions

Here’s how to file your taxes directly to the IRS and Social Security Administration without paper forms.

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Once you’ve entered or imported all your data into Adams Tax Forms Helper and you’re satisfied your forms are correct, you can begin to eFile.

Step 1. Review your data

Don’t overlook this important step! Once your file is transferred electronically, all associated files are locked for editing. You can no longer make any changes in Tax Forms Helper to your form or your payer record.

Give your data a thorough review to ensure names and addresses are correct and your data is entered or updated correctly for the current tax season.

Step 2. Choose your form(s) and eFile

From your dashboard, go to “Filings.”

Next, check the box or boxes of the forms you’d like to eFile. Here, we’re going to eFile a 1099-NEC.

Next, click the Checkout & File button.

Next, check the “Federal e-File” box.

TIP: If you plan to eFile to your state, it’s easiest to do so now.

You can also add Print & Mail Service to send copies by First Class Mail® to your employees and recipients. Otherwise, you will need to send these forms by mail separately.

Next, check the “Agree to Terms and Services” box and then click “Checkout.”

Next, the Helper will either ask for your credit card information or it will subtract from your eFile credits. Once you’ve reviewed your Order Summary, click “Complete Order.”

Next, you’ll get an Order Summary. You can print it for your records if needed.

You’ll also receive an email with details of your eFile order.

You’ll also get an email confirmation letting you know that your eFile(s) have been accepted.

Finally, when your Federal eFile has been processed, you’ll get an email confirmation.

You’ve eFiled your forms to federal agencies. Nice work!

  • If you use Print & Mail Service, there’s really nothing more to do.

  • If you didn’t use Print & Mail Service, you’ll still need to send copies to your employees and recipients by the copy B deadline. (See IRS deadlines for those dates.)

  • Tax Forms Helper will update you by email when your tax forms are processed. It may take up to 4 weeks for the IRS to process returns during periods of high demand.

Remember, your eFiling date remains the same, no matter when the IRS processes your forms, so you’re done!

Feel free to celebrate the end of another successful tax season!

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