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Generating a summary report
Generating a summary report

Run summary reports to get the big picture for select payers or all payers for whom you file a particular tax form.

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Adams® Tax Forms Helper® allows you to generate a summary report for each type of tax form.

  • On the menu bar, select the tab for the form you’d like to summarize (1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, etc.)

  • From the records table, click “Select All” or check or uncheck records as needed.

  • Click “Summary Report for Selected” above the records table.

Tax Forms Helper Online will show a list of the records you’ve selected for your report. Click “Proceed” to create the report or “Cancel” to return to the records table to make corrections.

When you proceed, your Summary Report will appear in a new browser window for you to view or print.

For more help, see our 60-second tutorial on the Summary Report process.

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