Filtering & sorting records

If you file for hundreds of recipients each year, you’ll want this skill in your toolset. Get the most from Tax Forms Helper® filtering.

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For CPAs, accountants and some small businesses, sorting and filtering tools are a must for juggling hundreds of clients or employees.

Get familiar with the easy filter functions in Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online. Learn to sort your records quickly and efficiently.

From any form's tab (1099, W-2, 1098, etc.), you can sort through all your payer/employers using the following helpful tools.


Filtering Form Records

Three powerful filter tools live in the upper right corner of every 1099 or W-2 records table.

Filter by payer

This drop-down allows you to view records one payer at a time. Simply select the company name from the list to see all the records associated with it.

Filter by active

This filter can select for active or inactive records. Work in active view for the year’s current records or review the inactive records list to check for mistaken omissions or records you can readily delete.

Search by name

Drill down and search for a particular recipient or employee by name using the Search names box.

Combine all three record table filters to parse your records by active payers, inactive recipients, and more.

Sort by column

In addition to the three larger filter options at the top of the page, alpha/numeric filters are built into each column header in your records table.

You can sort any column from A–Z/Z–A or numerically with a toggle.

Tip: Although your lists will sort based on the arrow you click, this does not change the order of your forms when they print. Forms print alphabetically by Payer name line 1, Payer name line 2, Recipient last name, then Recipient last name 2.

Tax Forms Helper also helps you print in groups of 100 to organize your printouts.

Alphabetize your search by toggling the arrows on each column.

See how easy it is to filter records with these quick tutorials:

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