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Deleting a record FAQ
Deleting a record FAQ

If you’re certain you’ll have no further use for a record, here’s how to delete it to tidy up 🧹your records table.

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Deleting a record you’ve created in Adams® Tax Forms Helper® is simple.

From your dashboard, go to “Filings.”

Find the record in question. In this case, we’re deleting a 1099-NEC.

Click the “Delete” button to the right of your Filing(s).

Click the “Delete” button at the top right of your Filings or, for multiple records, select the “Form” checkbox to select all, or use the checkboxes directly to the left of each form.

You’ll see the following screen appear. Make sure you’ve selected the filing(s) you want deleted and click “Delete Filings” or “Close” to go back and double-check your selections.

Finally, your Filings page will appear without the records you’ve decided to delete. Here, we see our Filings page without the 1099-NEC we’ve just deleted.

You can continue working in Adams Tax Forms Helper.

Make Sure!

Because you cannot recover a deleted file, Adams Tax Forms Helper will ask you to confirm the record(s) deleted by name, as we’ve seen.

Tip: Be sure to look carefully at the Filing(s) listed! Make sure you’ve selected the correct file or files.

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