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Deleting a record FAQ
Deleting a record FAQ

If you’re certain you’ll have no further use for a record, here’s how to delete it to tidy up 🧹your records table.

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Deleting a record you’ve created in Adams® Tax Forms Helper is simple.

  • Find the record in question. Click the “Delete” link to the right of the record, or for multiple records, use Select All or the checkboxes directly underneath.

Are you certain?

Remember, you can always inactivate the record in question if you feel you may need it—even years later.

Because you cannot recover a deleted file, Tax Forms Helper Online will ask you to confirm the record(s) deleted by name.

Tip: Be sure to look carefully at the record(s) listed! Make sure you’ve selected the correct file or files.

  • To delete the record click “Proceed” or “Cancel” to return to the records table.

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