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Importing data from an expired Adams Tax Forms Helper CD
Importing data from an expired Adams Tax Forms Helper CD

Still have important data on an Adams® Tax CD? You can still successfully export data into Tax® Forms Helper® Online.

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Our most loyal Adams Tax fans remember our Tax Forms Helper CD. A backup and restore feature allowed users to export data from the CD into CSV files.

While that function is no longer supported, you can still export your data to a CSV file with just a little help.

Step 1. Launch your CD

Open the Windows Adams Tax Forms Helper CD and click File / Export / Comma Separated Values Export Utility.

Select the forms you wish to include and click the Export button.

Choose a location to save the exported CSV files to with your new file name.

Once you've completed the export and saved them to a location you can access, log in to the online Tax Forms Helper.

Step 2. Import your data

Click the CSV Import link in the upper right-hand corner of the Adams Tax home page.

Choose the bright blue “Import a CSV” button to open the Import a CSV menu.

The CSV Import Window will open, allowing you to select from a long list of forms you can create in Tax Forms Helper. Choose your file type.

You can choose to import the names, ID numbers, and addresses WITH or WITHOUT the previous year’s financial data.

  • Use the radio buttons to select whether you’d like to import financial info.

  • Select “Choose File” to find your data document.

  • Click “Proceed” to import your CSV files.

  • You’ll get a notification indicating the number of records imported.

  • You can now view, edit, or delete the imported records in Adams Tax Forms Helper Online.

Repeat step 2 to import all of your tax forms files into Tax Forms Helper Online.

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