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Adding, editing or deleting a W-2
Adding, editing or deleting a W-2

Here’s how to manage W-2 Entries on a payer’s profile.

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Add a New W-2

To add a new W-2 record for a Payer and Recipient in Adams Tax Forms Helper, go to “Create a Form” in the dashboard and click “Add New.”

A dropdown menu will appear to “Select a form.” Click the dropdown menu.

Simply select “W-2” out of the form options.

After you select your W-2 option, you’ll be able to choose a Payer and/or Recipient:

Select your Payer and Recipient in the dropdown menus, then enter your W-2 data in the fields provided.

Click “Save.”

If you have errors in your W-2 data, the following screen will appear.

Click “View Errors” to see what needs to be corrected. You’ll get a “Form Errors” message listing what’s wrong with your data. Click “Close.”

Correct the data that needs to be corrected, and the following screen will appear telling you that your filing is error-free.

You can always add other W-2s as well! Click the “Start another Federal W-2” button.

Edit a W-2

To edit your W-2, go to “Filings.”

Click “Filings” and you’ll see the following screen where you can select the form(s) you want to edit.

Click the form (in this case, a Federal W-2) that you want to edit.

You’ll see your information on the page, and you can begin editing Payer, Recipient and any other data then.

Simply click “Save” in the bottom right corner when you’re finished editing.

If you get an error message, click “View Errors” to see what needs to change in your filing data.

You’ll get a notification letting you know what’s wrong with your information.

Click “Close” and fix your errors.

Fix your errors and then click “Save” at the bottom right of your screen.

You can also click “Save and close” if you want to save your changes and go back to filing.

Delete a W-2

To delete your W-2, simply select the box or boxes you want to delete and click “Delete” at the top of the screen.

The following screen will confirm that you want to delete your file(s). Click “Delete Filings” to proceed or click “Close” to stop.

Warning: once you’ve clicked “Delete Filings,” you will not be able to find that data in your Filings list. Be sure throughout this process that you’ve selected exactly what you want deleted.

Congrats! You’ve just learned how to add, edit or delete a W-2!

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