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Adding, editing or deleting a 1098
Adding, editing or deleting a 1098

Here’s how to manage a 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement or a 1098-T Tuition Statement Report on your Recipient/Lender profile.

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To enter a new 1098 record in Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online, click the type of 1098 you wish to enter (1098 or 1098-T) from the blue menu bar.

  • Click “Add 1098” to create a Mortgage Interest Statement.

  • Click “Add 1098-T” to create a Tuition Statement Report.

Enter the 1098 data in the fields provided.

Tip: Dont forget to select a Recipient/Lender from the first drop-down field to add your payer. Otherwise, your form won't save.

Click the ? button to the right of each field for a brief explanation of what data is required for each field.

view the back of form instructions by clicking the question marks next to each field

Click “Save” to save your entry.

  • Click the “Return to 1098s” button to return to the main menu.

  • Or click “Add another 1098 for this Recipient" to add additional forms.

Your new 1098 records will show up in the records table.

Repeat or Return to Recipients

From here you can choose to:

  • Add additional records by clicking the “Add 1098” button again.

  • Edit an existing record by clicking the “Edit” link right of the record.

  • Delete an existing record by clicking the “Delete” link.

  • Print an existing record by clicking the “Print” link.

Need more help?

See a short demo on adding 1098 records.

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