Exporting data to a CSV file

Here’s how to back up data from Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

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Your security is of utmost importance at Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online.

For users who would like to download or backup their data, we advise restricting unauthorized access to your computer by a password. You may also consider encryption software in the event of a stolen device or unauthorized access.

Exporting data from Adams Tax Forms Helper Online

  • Select the tab for the form type you’d like to export. (For example, 1099-INT.)

  • Select your payers using the checkboxes to the left of each record or click “Select All” at the top of the records table.

  • Click the “Export Selected” button at the bottom of the records table.

Success! Your CSV file will download automatically. If your CSV file does not initiate the download, be sure to check the pop-up blocker settings in your browser and check your downloads folder for the file.

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