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Trying to log in at the Adams® Tax Center, or Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online? Make sure you’re signing in to the right site.

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Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online works to secure your data from unauthorized access and verify your identity at every touchpoint.

That’s why we require separate logins for our online store and the Helper Online. To troubleshoot login issues, let’s first make sure you’re in the right place!

Step 1. Verify the site address.

The Adams Tax Center—buy forms or eFile bundles

Our online store is where you buy access to the Helper, forms, kits & bundles.

If you need to make purchases or want to review past purchases, you’ll need to login here.

Adams Tax Forms Helper Online—fill out forms

Our secure form filler site is where you manage your data and file your taxes. You can always find the Helper at any Adams Tax site—look for the big Helper button at the top of every page.

Ready to finish your taxes? You can login here.

Step 2. Reset your password

If you’re in the right place and you’re still not able to log in to file your taxes, you can reset your Tax Forms Helper Online password to restore access to your account.

Click “Forgot Password” from the Login page.

Reset your password with your email address.

  • Type the email address you used to establish your Tax Forms Helper Online account.

  • Check “I’m not a robot".

  • Click “Proceed” and we’ll send you an email link to reset your password.

  • When you receive our email, click the link to create your new password. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.)

  • Click “Return to Login” to enter your email and new password to recover access to your account.

Or reset your password by answering a Security Question.

If you’ve checked your junk, spam, and updates section of your inbox and still can’t find the password reset email, you can also choose to answer a security question to access your account.

  • From the reset page, click “Answer a security question instead” under the Proceed button.

  • Enter your email address and we’ll show you one of three security questions you established when you set up your account.

Type your security question answer and click “Proceed.”

  • Create and confirm your password and click “Proceed”. Success!

What if I can’t remember the security question?

If you're having trouble, see these Customer Service tips on the most common fixes for security question problems.

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