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Setting up 2-factor authentication
Setting up 2-factor authentication

Add a layer of protection to your Adams® Tax account by using your password and your phone. Opt-in offered to all users.

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Stronger security for new and returning users

This year, Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online will offer all users 2-factor authentication when you first log in to your account.

How will this change the way I log in?

After typing your password, Adams Tax Forms Helper will confirm your identity with something only you have in your possession, your mobile phone.

We strongly recommend this method to keep your account secure.

Why 2 steps instead of 1?

2-Step authentication prevents a bad actor from wielding a stolen password to access your account, delete information, or even reset your password to lock you out of your own account.

How it works

Once you’ve set up 2-factor authentication you’ll login like this.

  • Log in to Adams Tax Forms Helper with your password, just like always.

  • Tax Forms Helper will send a 6-digit code to your phone via text message.

  • You’ll enter the code, letting us know it’s really you.

  • We’ll ask if you’re on a trusted device like your laptop, Mac or PC. If so, you can choose “remember me on this device”. From then on, we’ll only ask for your password.

    If you log in from a different device or with a different browser, Tax Forms Helper will once again require 2-step verification to ensure that it’s you.

Tip: Never select “remember me” on a public or shared computer.

  • If you get a text with an authentication code that you didn’t request, it may mean an unauthorized user is attempting to access your account. We suggest that you log into your Adams Tax Forms Helper Online account and change your password.

    It may be a good idea to update any other password-only accounts that aren’t protected by 2-step authentication to keep them safe as well.

Other tips to safeguard all your passwords

  • Never use the same password on multiple accounts

  • Avoid clicking links from email addresses you don’t know

  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone you wouldn’t trust with your social security number (so virtually no-one)

  • Consider using a password manager app and create one super-strong password for accessing all your logins

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