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Changing a security question
Changing a security question

In the quest for the perfect security question, you’ve outdone yourself. Here’s how to regain access to your account.

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Review these top tips from our Adams® Tax Forms Customer Service managers on what to do next when your security question doesn’t ring a bell.

Take your best guess

It just might work! You may have a better memory of your answer than you think.

Check for common misspellings

Your account will lock after too many attempts, but if you have a few tries left, check your spelling for a typo. (It happens to all of us).

Consider abbreviations and titles

Remember, your answer must be typed exactly as it was entered. So typing Street instead of St. or Ln. instead of Ln (no period) can make all the difference.

For names, consider whether you might have used a first name only, first and last, or a title or honorifics like Mrs. or Dr.

Request a new question

If your answer’s still not accepted, this year, we’ve got a new trick. Click “Get a new question”. You may have greater success with a different Q & A.

Chat with Us.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still stumped or your account is locked, chat with us. Our Customer Service team can verify your account.

Changing your security question(s)

Once you’ve regained access, here’s how to change the security questions on your account.

  • Log In to Adams Tax Forms Helper Online.

  • Click “My Account” in the upper right corner.

  • Choose “Change Security Questions/Answers”.

  • Select and change any or all 3 questions. (Don’t forget to update your answers!)

  • Click “Update” to save your new security Q&As.

Tip: To safeguard your Adams Tax Forms Helper Account, choose security questions with answers that are difficult to guess or find on social media. Try a non-corresponding answer (What's your favorite color? Algebra) then save answers to your password manager for safekeeping.

For the safest of all possible solutions, set up 2-factor authentication so you'll always have 2 ways, your password (something you know) and your phone (something you have) to access your account.

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