Registering your Staples® Digital eCard

Here’s how to activate your software and load your Bonuses—5 eFiles with Print & Mail Assistant—into your new or existing account.

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Our Staples® exclusive Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Digital eCard gives you access to the online software, 5 eFiles, and Print & Mail Assistant for First-Class Mail® delivery for up to 5 employees or recipients.

Here’s how to get started, once you have your card.

Step 1. Log In

Follow these easy steps for new or returning users.

Step 2. Enter information from the card

Once you’re logged in, Adams Tax Forms Helper will ask you to activate your product.

Peel the tear-away strip on the back of your Digital eCard to reveal your user code:

After you peel open your card, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter your case-sensitive Item Number

  2. Enter your case-sensitive Access PIN.

Good job! You now have complete access to Adams Tax Forms Helper. Your BONUS eFiles with Print & Mail Service for 5 are waiting on the eFile tab when you’re ready.

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