Registering your Adams® Tax Forms Kit

Bought a paper forms Tax Kit with access to Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online? Here’s how to activate your software.

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If you purchased an Adams® Tax Forms Kit online or in store, your pack contains a brightly colored sheet you’ll need to launch access for the new tax season.

You’ll need the package number and case-sensitive user code from this sheet to activate Adams Tax Forms Helper Online.

Go to: to register your account.

Step 1. Log In

Follow the instructions for new or returning users.

New users will set up their password and 2-step authentication to secure their account.

You’ll also create your Adams Tax Forms Helper Online account profile. (For your security, this is different from the account you may have created at our Adams Tax Center purchase site).

Registration takes just a few minutes and you’ll only have to do this part once.

You’ll tell us a little bit about yourself and how you’ll use Tax Forms Helper.

Returning users will log in with their existing password. For the first time, Tax Forms Helper Online will offer to add your mobile number (recommended) or email (slightly less secure) for 2-step authentication of your account.

Step 2. Enter the package number & user code

Once logged in, Tax Forms Helper will ask you to activate your product.

At the prompt:

  1. Enter your package number from your sheet

  2. Enter the case-sensitive user code

  3. Click Register to begin your tax journey

Congratulations! You now have complete access to Adams Tax Forms Helper for the tax season.

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