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Void a form you’re submitting to the IRS
Void a form you’re submitting to the IRS

You’ve neatly printed your 1099-NEC forms 3-to-a-page. Then you catch an error on form 1. 🙄 Void box to the rescue!

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The void box on a 1099 form is a neat little trick to make IRS scanners ignore a form you no longer wish to submit. In essence, the void checkbox says to IRS scanners “don’t read this form”.

When to use the void box

If a completed or partially completed Form 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, or 5498 is incorrect, but you don’t want to waste or reprint all the other forms on the page, enter an “X” in the “VOID” box.

That form is essentially skipped by IRS scanners.

When not to use the void box

Do not place an “X” in the “VOID” box to signify corrections to a return. (For that, you would use the “Corrected” checkbox to the right).

Do’s and Don’ts on using void

  • Please do create a 1099 with the correct information. Go to the next form on the page or to another page, and enter the info as it should appear.

  • Please do not mark the new form “Corrected”. Remember, your voided form doesn’t exist to IRS scanners, so there’s nothing to correct!

  • Do not cut or separate any forms that are 2 or 3 to a page. Submit the entire page, even if only 1 of the forms on the page is a good return.

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