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In a time-saving upgrade, 1099-MISC & 1099-NEC users can now import data by linking directly to their QuickBooks® Online account.

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If you do a lot of 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC filings, a powerful new import tool has been added to the toolbox this year.

From the same page, users can connect to a QuickBooks® Online account, import data from last year’s Tax Forms Helper® Online records, or import with a CSV file, all in one spot.

Just click “Import Data” in the upper right hand corner to get started.

Step 1. Choose your import option

Users new to Tax Forms Helper® Online will see two import options.

  • Connect to QuickBooks®

  • Or import from a CSV file

Returning Tax Forms Helper® Online users will have three import options.

  • Connect to QuickBooks®

  • Import from the previous year’s Tax Forms Helper data

  • Or import from a CSV file

Tip: If you were expecting to see a button to import last year’s data and it’s missing from this screen, check your email address/password to make sure you’ve logged into the correct account.

Step 2. Connect to QuickBooks® Online

To import your data from QuickBooks® click the green “Connect to QuickBooks” button at the left of your screen.

From here you’ll be asked to sign into your QuickBooks® account.

If you’ve set up 2-step authentication for QuickBooks®, you’ll validate your account with your phone number or a text message.

Click “Continue”.

Tax Forms Helper will establish a connection with your QuickBooks® Account.

If you file taxes for more than one business, you'll repeat this step.

Click “Connect” to continue.

The next screen will confirm that your Tax Forms Helper and QuickBooks® Online accounts are communicating. A “Disconnect” link will appear up top.

You’ll see a list of all of the recipients for the business you’ve imported.

Next to the amount paid, click the dropdown menu and select the tax form (NEC, MISC, etc. ) and box number you wish to report each payment in.

Make your selections for each recipient, then click “Submit” for all.

You’ll get a confirmation of the recipients imported for your employer/payers.

Click “Proceed”.

Return to any tab on the Tax Forms Helper® menu to find all of your imported forms ready and waiting for tax season.

Repeat step 2 for all of your business accounts.

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