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About Adams® Print & Mail Assistant
About Adams® Print & Mail Assistant

This time-saving service mails copies to your employees and recipients. One less thing to do this tax season!

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Q. What is Print & Mail Assistant?

Adams® Print & Mail Assistant is an add-on service that mails W-2 and 1099 copies to your employees and recipients for a small fee.

When you add Print & Mail Assistant to your order, an audited, secure Mail Center handles all of your employee/recipient bulk printing and mailing for you.

Q. Does Print & Mail Assistant mail my forms to the IRS and SSA?

No, Print & Mail Assistant will not mail your federal returns. You’ll send your federal forms to the IRS and SSA as you would normally.

  • eFilers will submit their forms electronically through Tax Forms Helper

  • Paper filers will mail their red ink Copy A, W-3 & 1096 tax forms

Q. How do most filers use Print & Mail Assistant?

Our most popular service is eFile with Print & Mail Assistant.

If you’re already eFiling, adding Print & Mail Assistant completely eliminates the need to buy forms, envelopes and stamps or make trips to the post office.

Send your taxes everywhere they need to go without leaving your desk.

What’s more, if you’re short on time, eFiling is faster than paper filing.

Q. Can I still use Print & Mail Assistant if I’m mailing paper forms?

Absolutely! There’s no eFile requirement to use this service.

Just enter your data and print onto your pre-printed tax forms to create your forms for the IRS and SSA.

Tax Forms Helper Online will use the same data files you’ve already created to build employee/recipient copies without any additional work from you.

Just note that if you purchased Tax Forms Kits, you’ll have extra employee/recipient copies in your kit that you won’t need.

You can keep these for your records or discard them as you would any other sensitive documents.

Q. How does Adams Tax Forms Helper keep my tax mail secure?

Tax Forms Helper sends your data to our fully automated, cutting-edge mail facility that maintains the most rigorous security certifications attainable.

We transmit your data to our mail center with the same TLS encryption protocols we use to submit to the IRS and SSA. Our protocols exceed IRS-recommended standards.

Q. I only have a few employees. Can I use Print & Mail Assistant?

Sure. Mail to 1 employee. Mail to 10,000. There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements.

Q. I purchased my eFile bundle weeks ago. Can I still add Print & Mail Assistant?

Yes, you can add Print & Mail Assistant later in 2 ways.

  • You can Purchase Print & Mail Assistant at our online store, the Adams Tax Center.

  • Or, if you’ve already started your taxes, you can click the eFile tab in Tax Forms Helper to add the service. (You’ll be charged for the number of recipients selected).

Q. What’s included in the cost of Print & Mail Assistant?

The service price includes all printing and postage costs.

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