Importing Data from Last Year

Save time by using last year's information on this year's taxes.

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Do you need to import tax data from the previous year? We’ve got you covered. You can import your data from last year’s Tax Forms Helper® Online records.

Here’s a step-by-step guide about how to import your previous year’s data.

  1. First, click “Import Data” in the upper right hand corner to get started.

  2. Next, choose “Import 2021 data."

  3. After clicking your selection, click the “Import” button.

  4. A message showing that your data was successfully imported will appear on your screen.

  5. Finally, click the “Continue” button to move on to other tasks you have in Adams Tax Forms Helper®.

We hope you find this guide helpful, and you can always visit our website for more help articles. Because taxes shouldn’t be taxing.

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