Generating & Printing a 1096

Did you know Adams® Tax Forms Helper® creates summary transmittals for you? Make a 1096 the easy Adams tax way!

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Tax Forms Helper automatically creates your 1096 summary transmittal from the data you’ve already collected.

From your dashboard, go to “Filings.”

Next, select the 1099s that you want to create a 1096 summary form for, such as the NEC, MISC, etc. In this case, we’re selecting a 1099-MISC.

Next, click “Summary.”

Decide if you want to print on a pre-printed IRS form or a blank sheet of paper. In this case, we’re printing onto a blank sheet of paper.

Paper filers, select “Print onto Pre-Printed IRS Form” to create your mailable red ink 1096 forms.

eFilers, select “Print onto a Blank Sheet” to create electronic or hard copies for your records. To ensure IRS compliance, these printouts are watermarked and not suitable for filing to the IRS or SSA.

Click “Print Forms.”

The following print preview screen will appear. Click the print icon in the upper right corner.

Click “Print” and your summary form will go to your printer.

Why can’t I file my watermarked plain ink copies?

Certain tax form sheets are scanned through automated equipment that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to process red ink.

For your copy A and 1096 forms, the IRS requires pre-printed forms with machine-readable flint-red OCR dropout ink.

You may face significant penalties and long delays for sending plain ink copies that fail to scan. Adams Tax Forms Helper prints these black-ink copies for records only to help you avoid penalties and fines.

Good on you! You’ve just generated and printed a 1096.

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