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Print a recipient copy after e-filing
Print a recipient copy after e-filing

You’ve eFiled to the IRS and SSA. Here's how you can send copies to your employees/recipients—from effortless to easy.

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Use Adams® Print & Mail Service

This full-service option lets you leave the printing and mailing to us.

At the click of a button, we’ll transmit your data to our SOC 3 certified, audited mail facility. Your employees and recipients receive pristine prints on perforated sheets sent by the USPS®, First-Class Mail®. Additional fees apply.

Print onto Pre-Printed tax forms

If you’ve already purchased pre-printed tax forms, you can use Adams® Tax Forms Helper® to print your W-2 employee copies (B, C and 2) or 1099 recipient copies (B, C, 1 or 2).

From your dashboard, go to “Filings.”

Next, check the box (or boxes) of the form(s) you’d like to print. Here, we’re printing a W-2.

Next, click the print button.

Click on the “Print onto Pre-Printed IRS Form” button.

You can also check the “Mask recipient FIDS” to hide your recipient’s personal data.

Next, click “Print Forms.”

After you click “Print Forms,” the following screen will appear. In the print preview, you’ll only see the data from your record without any of the borders or lines from the form. Click the print icon in the upper right corner.

Next, click the “Print” button to send your Pre-Printed IRS form(s) to your printer.

Tip: It’s a good idea to load plain paper into your printer for your first test print. Just hold your plain paper print in front of a form to check the alignment.

Before you print, check your printer settings. The number one cause of avoidable form alignment issues are hidden printer settings for scaling and fit to page. You can usually find scaling options in your printer’s system dialog under Printer Properties, Preferences or Advanced settings.

If you’ve done a test print and checked your printer settings, you’re ready to load your forms.

Print onto a Blank Sheet

You can also print your employee or recipient copies onto plain paper from Adams Tax Forms Helper.

To Print W-2s and 1099s on plain paper

Go to your “Filings” again. We’re selecting a W-2.

Check the box by your filing, in this case, a W-2.

Next, click the Print icon.

Choose “Print onto a Blank Sheet.”

Scroll down and click the “Print Forms” button.

You’ll see a preview of your form with your data and the form grid. Click the print icon in the upper right corner.

Click the “Print” button to send your form to the printer.

Good on you! You’ve just printed recipient copies after e-Filing!

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