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Printing your tax form as a PDF
Printing your tax form as a PDF

Create a PDF as a quick fix for alignment issues, to print hardcopies of your secure files, or to save to a local drive or device.

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Adams Tax Forms Helper Online allows you to save your tax forms as a PDF for printing or storage on your secure laptop, Mac or PC.

To create a PDF, select the appropriate tab to choose your form type (1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, 1098, etc.). Choose “Select All” or check or uncheck boxes to choose your payer/recipients.

Clicking “Print” or “Print Selected” will open the Adams Tax print menu. Up top, you’ll see the record you just selected for printing in bold type.

Tell Tax Forms Helper which copy to print

Look for the “Select Format” drop-down. Tell Tax Forms Helper Online which copies of your form you’d like to produce (copy A, copy 2, copy C and so on).

Decide if you’d like to mask FIDs

Clicking this checkbox will mask any Federal ID numbers.

Print with Form

Click the “Print with Form” button to produce your PDF.

From your browser window, click the “Download” button to name and save the PDF to your preferred location. (The desktop is easy to find in a pinch.)

You can also choose “Print”, then “Print as PDF” in your printer menu.

For more help, see our helpful 60-second tutorial on creating a PDF of your forms.

TIP: Official IRS copies must be scannable, meaning they're printed with a special red ink that can be read by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

If you’re printing red ink 1096 or W-3 forms, Adams Tax Forms Helper Online will only produce a watermarked printout of these forms that is for informational purposes only and not suitable for filing. Learn more.

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