Adjusting print alignment

Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online gives you the tools & tips to adjust your alignment in tiny increments. Here’s how.

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Once you select the documents you’d like to print, click the “Print Selected” button at the bottom of the records table.

You’ll arrive at the Tax Forms Helper print menu where you can set all of your print parameters.

The Adams Tax Forms Helper print menu

If you glance just above the “Print onto Pre-Printed IRS Form”, you'll see the powerhouse feature that lets you modify your data alignment.

Adjust alignment

You can move your data right, left, up or down using the adjustment indicators on the Print Menu as in this nearby illustration.

Simply enter a number in the hundredths box and select right/left or up/down from the dropdown options to adjust.

You can return to adjust the alignment as needed after each test run until you're satisfied with your results.

Tips and Tricks for Print Alignment

Tip 1 : It’s a good idea to load plain paper in your printer for your first test print to check the alignment. That way, you don’t waste pre-printed forms! Just hold your plain paper print in front of a form.

Tip 2: It’s an excellent idea to check your printer settings before you begin.

The leading cause of avoidable form alignment issues are hidden printer settings for scaling and fit to page.

You can typically find scaling options in your printer’s system dialog under Printer Properties, Preferences or Advanced settings.

In this example, you can see the additional scaling settings for a Brother printer. Here, scaling should be set to “Off.”

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