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As an authorized IRS eFile provider, Tax Forms Helper can submit your taxes directly to federal and state agencies. Quick & easy!

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The IRS recently issued a new eFile Law: if you have 10 or more forms, you must eFile! But don’t worry. We make it quick & easy!

With Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online, you can create and file your 1099, 1098 and W2 forms without leaving your desk.

No forms needed

Ready to upgrade to eFile? All you need is access to the latest edition of Adams Tax Forms Helper Online.

Buy a Bundle

For the best price on Adams Tax software with eFiles included, look for prepackaged sets online or with our retail partners.

At our online store the Adams Tax Center, you’ll find Adams eFile Bundles.

Each Bundle includes:

  • 1 year’s access to Adams Tax Forms Helper Online

  • eFile bundles in sets of 5, 20, 50 or 100 eFiles to fit your needs

You can also find TOPS® and Adams® Tax kits at other online and in-store retailers that include access to our software and sets of eFiles at a savings.

Returning users can also log in to purchase the latest edition of Adams Tax Forms Helper Online and add eFiles right from the eFile tab. (Just remember, the savings are bigger when you buy the Bundle at the Adams Tax Center).

What if I need a few more eFiles?

If you realize that you’ll need a few more eFiles than come with your bundle, no worries!

You can add additional eFiles at the eFile tab when you’re ready to file.

I’ve only filed paper forms before, so what do I do?

Once you’ve got access to Tax Forms Helper Online, you enter or import your tax data like always. Finished? Then you’re ready to eFile. It’s that simple.

You’ll select the eFile tab to see a pricing chart for eServices to your left.

For each payer/employer, you’ll select the checkbox for the eServices you want:

  • You can eFile forms to the IRS and SSA

  • You can eFile your participating State if available

  • You can add Print & Mail Assistant, and Tax Forms Helper will mail copies to your employees and recipients

See our Federal eFiling article for step-by-step details on eFiling.

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